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Strategy Design Pattern

Structural: Strategy Pattern

Can you explain the strategy design pattern?

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Interview Response: The Strategy pattern encapsulates various algorithms (or strategies) for a specific task. It enables a method to be replaced at runtime with another method (Strategy) without the client knowing it. The Strategy pattern is essentially a collection of interchangeable algorithms.

Code Example:

This pattern's objects are as follows:

Context -- example code: Shipping

  • keeps track of the current Strategy object
  • provides an interface by which clients can request Strategy computations
  • enables clients to adjust their strategy

Strategy -- example code: UPS, USPS, FedEx

  • implements the algorithm using the Strategy interface

let Shipping = function () { = '';

Shipping.prototype = {
setStrategy: function (company) { = company;

calculate: function (package) {

let UPS = function () {
this.calculate = function (package) {
// calculations...
return '$45.95';

let USPS = function () {
this.calculate = function (package) {
// calculations...
return '$39.40';

let Fedex = function () {
this.calculate = function (package) {
// calculations...
return '$43.20';

function run() {
let package = { from: '76712', to: '10012', weigth: 'lkg' };

// the 3 strategies

let ups = new UPS();
let usps = new USPS();
let fedex = new Fedex();

let shipping = new Shipping();

console.log('UPS Strategy: ' + shipping.calculate(package));
console.log('USPS Strategy: ' + shipping.calculate(package));
console.log('Fedex Strategy: ' + shipping.calculate(package));




UPS Strategy: $45.95
USPS Strategy: $39.40
Fedex Strategy: $43.20


The Strategy pattern belongs to which pattern group?

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Interview Response: The Strategy pattern is part of the Behavioral design pattern set.

When should the JavaScript Strategy Pattern be used?

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Interview Response: Strategy Pattern Use-Cases.

  • When you need to employ several algorithms with varying versions, you must construct a concrete class (this may include one or more functions) to implement your algorithm.
  • When there are conditional statements around by several connected algorithms
  • When the majority of your classes exhibit similar behaviors

What are some of the advantages of employing the Strategy pattern?

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Interview Response: Benefits of the Strategy Pattern

  • At runtime, you can alter the algorithms utilized within an object.
  • You can separate an algorithm's implementation specifics from the code that utilizes it.
  • It use the composition in place of inheritance
  • The principle of open/closed. You may implement new tactics without changing the context.

What are some of the Strategy pattern's drawbacks?

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Interview Response: Drawbacks of the Strategy Pattern.

  • If you only have a few algorithms that seldom change, there's no point in complicating the program with new classes and interfaces that come with the pattern.
  • Clients must understand the distinctions between tactics to choose the best one.
  • Many current programming languages feature functional types, which allow you to implement different variants of an algorithm within a collection of anonymous functions. You may then utilize these methods the same way you used Strategy objects, but without cluttering your code with unnecessary classes and interfaces.