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How to Get the best experience from our Website

Hello, my name is Mirai and I would like to welcome you to

Our website is relatively straightforward, but you should be aware of some of the dynamic features that can streamline your experience. We have included several unique features including a downloadable progressive web application, close all answers button, interactive video Q&A’s, quick question search, and accessible directory access sidebar menu.

Every feature is created to increase memory retention and automatic recall of the questions that you may be asked during the JavaScript phone screen.

Feature #1: Progressive Web Application

To ensure easy access to the information on our website. We have created a progressive web application that is downloadable via Chrome and Edge browsers. This will allow you to have offline access, to the question-and-answer, section of our website. You simply click on the download icon in the browser address bar on the right-hand side. Our PWA will download and install on your device automatically.

Feature #2: The Close all answers Button

The intent behind the close all answers button is to allow you to close all of the questions and test yourself when needed. It’s convenient and helps keep the interface tidy and easy to navigate.

Feature #3: Interactive Video Q&A

Our second feature is our interactive video presentations. There is a video in each section of the Hello JavaScript website. Each video focuses on the specific questions relating to its section for example recursion or data types. Each video is hosted by one of our experienced developers who will give detailed answers and code examples where required.

Feature #4: Q&A Search Engine

Instead of clicking through each of our pages, you can easily search for the answers via our quick search feature. For your convenience, we have indexed all blog posts and our detailed Q and A.

Feature #5: Quick Directory Access

Each section of our directory is accessible on the left-hand side of our website. On our mobile app, the sidebar menu is accessible via the hamburger menu at the top left. Whether using our website on a desktop or mobile device you have access to the directory list of sections.


In conclusion, I would like to let you know, that we have made every effort to provide you with easy access to all the information on our website. There will be a continual effort, by our team, to improve and bring new features every quarter. In the very near future will be adding quizzes, multi-language features, and much more. If you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to reach out to us at.