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JS Developers Console

JavaScript Basics: Developers Console

What is the developer console used for in JavaScript development?

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Interview Response: It allows us to run, debug, inspect, analyze, and manipulate JavaScript in the browser.

Technical Response: The developer console resembles a shell interface and has tools for viewing the DOM, debugging, and analyzing network traffic. The console collects data as part of the JavaScript development process and interacts with a web page through JavaScript expressions within the page's context. The console essentially allows you to generate, administer, and monitor JavaScript.

Additional Information: We can use developer tools to see problems, perform commands, and analyze variables.

How do you open the developer console in Google Chrome?

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Interview Response: We can open the dev console using the f12 or Cmd+Opt+J for Mac users.

Technical Response: F12 or, if you're using a Mac, Cmd+Opt+J. You may also inspect the browser window by right-clicking it. The browser window launches Chrome Developer Tools, and you should then select the Console option.

Additional Information: On Windows, most browser developer tools get accessed by pressing F12; however, Chrome for Mac requires Cmd+Opt+J, and Safari requires Cmd+Opt+C. (need to enable first).