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Attributes / Properties

Attributes / Properties are properties of an HTML tag. They are used to add information to the tag and to control the behavior of the tag. Interview Questions

Bubbling and Capturing - Events

Bubbling and Capturing Events in JavaScript - The bubbling-up principle is self-explanatory based on its name. - JavaScript Interview Questions & Answers

Class Inheritance

Class Inheritance in JavaScript is a syntax for creating a class in JavaScript. What is the extends keyword used in JavaScript classes? Interview Questions

External Scripts - JavaScript Interview

Learn how to use External Scripts in JavaScript. How do you access external script files in JavaScript development? | Frontend Developer Interview Questions

FormData Object

FormData Object is used to send data to a server. It is used to send the data in the form of key-value pairs. JavaScript Frontend Phone Interview Questions

Function object / NFE

All functions in JavaScript are objects. The concept of functions as callable "action objects" is an excellent approach to thinking about them.

JavaScript Array Methods

Explain the function and syntax of the array splice() method? How do negative array indexes work? Why can’t you use a return statement in a forEach loop?

JavaScript Arrays

What is an array? Arrays are a collection of indexed values that can be accessed by a numerical index. We use arrays to store an collection of values. Frontend


JavaScript Modules are a way to organize code into logical units. Modules are used to break down large projects into smaller pieces. Interview Questions

Prototype Methods

Prototype Methods in JavaScript are a property of the prototype object. It is used to store the function's properties and methods. Interview Questions

String Evaluation

String Evaluation in JavaScript works in a similar way to how it works in Python. You should never use eval in your applications.

Symbol Type

The symbol type in JavaScript is a primitive type that is used to create unique identifiers for objects.