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JavaScript Code Editors

JavaScript Basics: Code Editors

What does IDE stand for?

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Interview Response: Integrated Development Environment, but developers also call it a code editor.

What is an IDE?

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Interview Response: An IDE is a development environment (code editor) that allows developers to load, save, edit, manage, and delete projects or files written in different programming languages.

What is the primary difference between an IDE and a lightweight editor?

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Interview Response: The main difference between a "lightweight code editor" and an "IDE" is that an IDE works on a project level. A lightweight editor is considerably faster than an IDE if we require one file.

Technical Response: In contrast to a lightweight code editor, an IDE works on the project level, so it loads more data when it starts and analyzes the project structure, if necessary. We can use a lightweight editor if we only need to edit one file.

Additional Information: There is no strict boundary between a lightweight code editor and an integrated development environment since lightweight editors often have a good selection of plugins, such as directory-level syntax analyzers and auto-completers.