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Promises/Async/Await: Promisification

Can you explain what “promisification” is in JavaScript?

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Interview Response: “Promisification” is a long word for a simple transformation, and it is the conversion of a function that accepts a callback into a function that returns a promise. Such transformations are often required in real-life, as many functions and libraries are callback-based. But promises are more convenient, so it makes sense to “promisify” them.

Code Example:

let loadScriptPromise = function (src) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
loadScript(src, (err, script) => {
if (err) reject(err);
else resolve(script);

// usage:
// loadScriptPromise('path/script.js').then(...)

What is one crucial aspect to remember when using promisifications?

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Interview Response: Promisification is an excellent approach, especially when using async/await, but not a total replacement for callbacks. Remember, a promise may have only one result, but a callback may technically be called many times. So promisification is only meant for functions that call the callback once, and further calls get ignored.